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Quick Tattletails 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

Welcome to my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, that has many unique #gifts for everybody on your Holiday Shopping List!  There are gifts for men, women, kids, health enthusiasts, cooks, coffee lovers and more!  More gift ideas will be added!

Quick Tattletails is accepting submissions for our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, featuring the perfect gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list!  I plan on providing you with some fabulous holiday gift ideas, reviews and giveaways this Holiday Season.  Do you have a hot item you would like us to feature in our Holiday Gift Guide?  Each review will include photos, description of the product, recommendations, links to the products being featured.  Your product will be viewed by thousands of Quick Tattletails readers!  We will also showcase your products on our Social Media Sites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.  We love spreading the word about awesome products that our readers would love to hear about!

We can do just a review or we can do a review/giveaway. The minimum product value is $25.  We will be reviewing the most relevant product that our readers would love!

Everyone in my family is a volunteer to review a product. I am a mother, grandmother and a great grandmother, so we have volunteers all ages and gender.

Be sure to get your submissions in as soon as possible, so we can get them posted as soon as our schedule permits, for maximum exposure.  We look forward to working with each and every sponsor for a highly successful Holiday Gift Guide, here at Quick Tattletails!

The Holiday Gift Guide will continue to be posted until December 15th.

Please contact us at!
Perfect Gifts for everybody on your Holiday Shopping List!

With the gatherings of friends and family for the Holidays, it can get a little too warm from all the body heat. Have you heard of the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan, with Passive Noise Reduction Technology? The 44" fan has a very stylish design and it's the thinnest fan, which has three independently controllable fans, with passive noise cancellation technology for a remarkable airflow velocity at less than 50dB. The passive noise reduction technology utilizes the physics of blade curvature to generate mitigating sound waves, that reduce blade noise and help isolate the soothing sounds of the airflow itself. #Fans #HolidayGiftGuide

This is a 26 piece assorted milk and dark chocolates, accompanied with some salted cashews and toffee almonds. The chocolates include caramels, peanut butter cups, cashew clusters, raisin clusters, peanut clusters, meltaways and two "Happy Holiday" bars of chocolates! #Chocolates #HolidayGiftGuide

When I first used this juicer, I fell in love with it. This juicer is absolutely AWESOME and I would highly recommend it! Before I got this juicer I had a different brand juicer and it was rather noisy. Plus it seemed like it had a lot of pieces to it. This juicer is so easy to operate and it does a superb job on getting every last drop of citrus out of the rind. #HolidayGiftGuide #Gifts #KitchenGadgets #Juicer #Health

There are so many interesting gadgets that just make your life easier. Have you heard of the Ergohold Universal Stand yet? It's a convenient stand that holds your tablet or books, so you can be hands free! This is something that I like having in the kitchen to hold my recipe books. I don't like laying a book on the counter, while putting a recipe together, just in case I spill something. It also works great for holding your kindle or tablet! #Gadgets #HolidayGiftGuide

Searching for the perfect Beauty Oil? Look no further, the 100% Pure Cold Pressed Unrefined Rosehip Oil is the PERFECT Beauty Oil! It's naturally rich in linolenic acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. This Oil is quite amazing, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, aging skin and it completely nourishes severely dry skin! It helps to minimize the appearance of scars, stretch marks, sun spots, dermatitis, acne scars and eczema. Plus, it's all natural, cruelty free, paraben free, fragrance free and petroleum free! #HolidayGiftGuide #Gifts #StockingStuffers #Wrinkles #SkinCare #RosehipOil

Cat Lovers, here's the perfect gift for your cats! Cat trees are pretty entertaining for cats, they love climbing them, scratching them and playing on them. Cozy Cat Furniture has many types of cat trees, cat towers, cat condos and so much more. A cat tree helps save your furniture and carpet, from being clawed. As you can see my Little Buddy loves his cat tree and he loves hiding in it. #cozycatfurniturecom #Cats #HolidayGiftGuide

Listening to music is so relaxing, that it'll help you fall a sleep faster. Have your ever heard of the SleepPhones yet? The SleepPhones are headphones for sleeping. It's a soft headband that contains tiny removable speakers to play any type of music, audiobooks, meditation, white noise or even talk radio! You just plug it into any audio device, with a standard 3.5mm (1/8 inch) headphone jack. The SleepPhones are fully padded, with nothing sticking into your ears, so they're comfortable even for people that sleep on their sides. Plus it's lightweight and washable! #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide #Gifts #StockingStuffers #SleepPhones #Speakers

Gift baskets are always so much fun to receive. You get a variety of items that are useful, delicious and just plain awesome! The Lakeside Collection has put together some AWESOME gift baskets to give you inspiration to create your very own basket. They put six fun and interesting gift baskets together to show you how to create the perfect gift basket for someone special on your Holiday Shopping List! #GiftBaskets #Gifts #HolidayGiftGuide

When you're always on the go, it's important to have all your devices fully charged. Have you heard of the Premium Phone Charger 2600mAh Power Bank yet? This is an AWESOME charger, you can charge three devices at one time! Just think you can charge your iphone plus 6, cell phone, tablet or camera. This is a must have for people that depend on their devices. The Premium Phone Charger 2600mAh Power Bank is the perfect stocking stuffer! #Giveaway #Charger #HolidayGiftGuide #Gifts #StockingStuffers

This is a very handy lemon juicer that's perfect for small jobs. If you're going to use only a couple lemons, it's perfect, instead of pulling out the big citrus juicer. We like to put lemon on our fish before putting it in the oven, so this works great! I also like having a glass of hot water with lemon juice in it each day for all the health benefits, so the lemon juicer works great for that purpose. I can tell you one thing for sure, this citrus squeezer is very well made. It's made out of industrial grade stainless steel, instead of cheap aluminum. It won't rust or bend under pressure. It's big enough for oranges, lemons and of course limes. It's very easy to clean, which is always a big PLUS! This makes a perfect gift, especially for cooks or health enthusiasts.  #Gifts #LemonJuicer #CitrusSqueezer #HolidayGiftGuide

The Old Factory Candle set includes three candles, with three different scents!  One candle was a Christmas Tree scent, then there was the Candy Cane scent and the last one was a Gingerbread scent.  The scents were mild and not over whelming.  They came in three little jars.  My favorite was the Gingerbread.  The candles can be placed in any room in the home.  You can even take them, with you.  The jars are small enough to put in your purse or pocket.  I put all three of the candles in my bathroom, sometimes I only light one of them or all three of them.  These candles are perfect for adding to a gift basket. #Giveaway #Candles #HolidayGiftGuide #Gifts #OldFactory

I absolutely love the HappyLight, it makes me feel like, I'm out in the sunlight. Here in the northwest, the winters are usually dark, cloudy and rainy. This light just makes me feel more alive and alert! I don't even like turning it off, it just makes everything so nice and bright. The HappyLight can also be used for pets that are feeling the Winter Blues. #Giveaway #Stress #HappyLight

This is one of the greatest inventions!  You can get a mini massage anytime and anywhere, with the SantaMedical Electronic Pulse Massager!  I put the pads on both sides of my shoulders or lower back and all I can say is WOW, it feels so good and it makes you feel so much more relaxed.  Everybody need one of these!!! #Pain #TensUnit #BackPain

I just can't say enough about Rosehip Oil, it's the best product that I have tried and I would highly recommend it!  I have been putting it on my face for quite awhile and it has made my skin look better than it ever has!  It has helped reduce my fine lines and made my skin super soft. #Wrinkles #SkinCare #RosehipOil


Argan Oil is one of the newest beauty products on the market. It has made my skin smooth, super soft and has reduced my fine lines. The Argan Oil helps to eliminate wrinkles and other signs of aging, over time. It does a great job on dry or irritated skin, due to the fact that it's full of rich antioxidants. The deep penetrating fatty acids and nourishing vitamins help to give your skin the beautiful healthy glow. The oil is so nourishing for the skin, plus it doesn't clog pores or leave your skin feeling greasy! The Argan Oil is an AWESOME product and I would highly recommend it! #ArganOil #Beauty #Hair #Skin #Nails

This diffuser is really AWESOME and I would highly recommend it! I absolutely love it! I love being able to put any scent of essential oil in it! Did you know that Aromatherapy is very popular as a treatment for relieving stress? Even hospitals are using aromatherapy to relax their patients. Aromatherapy works on the central nervous system to relieve depression, anxiety and stress. Just walking into a room that has a pleasant aroma is always relaxing and very enjoyable! #Win #Aromatherapy #EssentialOils #Diffuser #Giveaway #Stress

The Gurin Spa Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for Aromatherapy! This Diffuser is AWESOME and very easy to fall in love with. Walking into a room that has a pleasing scent is always relaxing and very enjoyable. #Aromatherapy #EssentialOils #gurinspavapour

This charger has been a lifesaver! It's so nice not having to worry about a dead battery on one of your devices. We have two smart phones, a kindle, a tablet, an ipad and two ipods. There's always something that needs charging, when you're always on the go! The best thing about this charger is the built-in circuit design, which protects against over-heating, over-currents, over charging of all smartphones and tablets. #USBcarCharger #Smartphones #Tablets #iPod #iPad. #CarCharger

Bonny Sallee

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I'm so obsessed with essential oils...glad you're encouraging others to use them. They're definitely on my Christmas giving list!

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