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9 Best Places To Visit in Asia With Kids

It’s too easy to pick a vacation destination that you’re familiar with, especially when there are so many places to visit in the USA. Looking for an exotic family vacation? Are you worried about taking your kids to a foreign country? Well, the good news is there’s no need to be concerned.  We’ve been traveling to Asia for the last 10 years with our kids and love it! Here are our picks of the top places to visit in Asia with kids.

Northern Asia

#1 China

A vacation in China with the kids is a cultural adventure for families. Kids of all ages will be stimulated by the history and new things you’ll learn as a family in China. This is a country that is building the world’s mega cities, while as you travel the countryside you’ll learn about Chinese traditions that are thousands of years old.

Your toddler will probably not remember the Great Wall but your teens will definitely remember this attraction. Your kids’ minds are like sponges and China is an amazing place for the young ones to learn about one of the oldest civilizations on earth. To whet your appetite, here are some interesting facts about China.

#2 Hong Kong

Most people are surprised to learn that Hong Kong is a family friendly destination. Hong Kong is a small city that is vibrant full of character. ’The great thing about Hong Kong for families is that there’s enough to do for kids of all ages.

At the top of the list is Hong Kong Disneyland, which is small and easy to walk around. Check out the Hyperspace Mountain (it’s similar to Space Mountain in Anaheim). Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars and Mystic Manor are also fun rides.

Other things to do in Hong Kong with toddlers are visiting Ocean Park, visiting The Big Buddha on Lantau Island and going on a ride in a Chinese junk on Hong Kong Harbour. Kids love taking the tram up to The Peak and the nightly Symphony of Lights show is sure to dazzle the whole family.

#3 Japan

In recent years, Japan has become a popular place to visit with kids. It’s a safe and orderly nation with plenty of cultural activities and attractions for kids. Visiting Japan with kids is adventure for the family. Getting around Japan has become so much easier with the introduction of the JR Pass, which allows unlimited travel on Japan Railways (JR) transportation.  Japan is compact, which means distances between destinations are reasonably short.

Tokyo is a fantastic city to plan a vacation with the kids. From fun places like Tokyo Disneyland and Legoland to educational activities like visiting  the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation,  there are so many kid-friendly attractions in Tokyo you might not have time to see the rest of Japan!

If you only have a week, I’d suggest concentrating on Tokyo but if you can visit for two or three weeks head to Kyoto and Osaka as well.

#4 Sri Lanka

sri-lanka elephants

Chances are, you’ve probably not considered Sri Lanka as a destination for your next family vacation. But the truth is this island in South Asia is a fabulous destination to travel around with kids. Sri Lanka share a similar cultural background with India but it’s a country that is much more organized and orderly.

Sri Lanka is also very clean and quite easy to travel around with kids. There are lots of family resorts and plenty of World Heritage attractions, national parks and beautiful beaches to relax and spend time in the sun.  It’s a place to explore for wildlife, nature and culture and an educational destination for the kids.

Sri Lanka is also a country that is full of surprises, where meeting local kids will be something your kids are likely to remember all their lives. Here’s a two-week Sri Lanka itinerary to help with planning your trip.

Southeast Asia

If you’re on a budget, except for Singapore, most places in Southeast Asia are relatively inexpensive and have plenty of distractions for kids. As Southeast Asia can get quite steamy, make sure to add the right types of clothing to your packing list to keep you cool.

#5 Vietnam

Why choose Vietnam for your next family vacation? Well, first of all, Vietnam is pretty safe and children are loved and respected in Vietnamese culture.

A big plus for families is that Vietnam is fairly easy to travel around while on the budget. It’s also culturally rich and has beautiful countryside, fantastic beaches, amazing food and lots of fascinating historical sites.

The best time to visit Vietnam is between September and April, when the temperatures drop in the north and it’s not as wet in south Vietnam.

Where to go in Vietnam? Most people head to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which have plenty of attractions for your family vacation list. One fun place for history buffs is Hoi An (check out this guide to Hoi An), which is a charming historic city that is not so far from the beach resorts of Danang. Other places families will love are Halong Bay and Sapa.

#6 Thailand

One reason why Thailand is so popular with families is there are hundreds of family friendly resorts right across the country. Thailand’s resorts cater for kids, with cheap babysitting and the cost of a vacation in Thailand is also low. In Thailand, the cost of luxury accommodation is so much more affordable than many other beach destinations. Here are some tips to help you choose where to stay in Bangkok.

Phuket is a popular beach destination with plenty of excellent hotels ranging from budget to some of the best luxury hotels in Thailand. Here’s a list of cool luxury hotels in Phuket.

Traveling to Thailand is also a great educational experience as it’s a country with lots of cool culture. Places to visit include Sukhothai, Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya and Bangkok also has plenty of temples and historic places.

Another great reason to visit Thailand is that Thai food is fun to eat. It’s light and fresh and really tasty. If you or your children won’t eat Asian food, there’s always Mc Donalds, pizza eateries and lovely sweet tropical fruit.

#7 Indonesia

With over 17,000 islands in Indonesia, there’s a beach somewhere in Indonesia the family will love. From vibrant cities to pristine beaches and natural wonders, Indonesia has a wonderful choice of places to visit for the whole family. Most families on vacation usually head to the beach in Bali. There are also other things to do like hiking in Ubud and visiting Bali Zoo. One little-known attraction the kids will love is Bali’s ghost palace in Bedugul, which is fascinating to explore.

On that subject, if you love exploring off the beaten track you can skip Bali and head to these Indonesia islands instead.

Aside from Bali, where there are plenty of kid-friendly resorts, Indonesia doesn’t spring to mind as a kid-friendly destination, but if you do your research, you’ll find there’s lots to see and do for all ages. Indonesian food is amazing and there are so many hill resorts to explore, with family friendly activities for the kids such as dining on a pirate ship at Legok Kondang’s Pisnis Resto or exploring a Hobbit House replica..

From water parks to beaches, Indonesia is an exotic vacation for adventurous families.  Here’s the ultimate Indonesia bucket list to help with your planning.

#8 Singapore

singapore for kids

Thing of Singapore as Asia on training wheels. There’s no better place to visit with kids as Singapore is packed with family friendly attractions.

When planning your trip, you’ll find that there are too many things to do, you’ll have to be ruthless about leaving some of them out! From seeing the orangutans at the Singapore Night Zoo to visiting Universal Studios and Sentosa Island, you could easily plan a few weeks in Singapore

Your kids will not be bored in Singapore. Here are some tips on where to eat in Singapore on a budget.

#9 Philippines

For an adventure in Asia off the beaten track, pick the Philippines. This is a country with a fusion of European and Asian culture. The Spanish influence is strong throughout the Philippines and in some places you’ll think you’re in South America rather than Asia.

The Philippines is an amazing spot if you’re looking for pristine beaches and the good news is most Filipinos speak good English, so traveling around is not as much of a hassle when it comes to communication.  Here are some things to do in the Philippines for families.

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