Best Multigenerational Vacation Ideas

We all know that travel broadens the mind and a well-chosen holiday will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the year.  Sometimes it gets difficult to jungle between spending time with the family and extended family. That’s why multi-generational vacations are a growing trend. Kill two (or three) birds with one stone by holidaying with three or even four generations of family members. It’s a great way to bond and spend time with the kid, parents and grandparents.

#1 London, UK

If you have kids,  it’s easy to choose a destination where the kids can have lots of fun, but it’s worth putting some thought into planning a holiday that will also educate young minds. Your kids’ minds are like a sponge and feeding those growing brains will set them up for life.  London is a fabulous destination for visitors of all ages. There’s plenty for younger kids, including fun, interactive museums, while teenagers will learn a lot about history, and adult family members will most definitely find plenty of distractions too.  Here’s a great guide on how to spend 3 days in London. If you have more time, here are some fun things to do in southeast London.

#2  India

While India might not be the first place to pop into mind as a family travel destination, for an adventurous vacation for all the family,  India  will delight young and old.  Many people dream of visiting India, but never actually get organized to go.  Imagine going to see the Taj Mahal and other places in India with your kids? That would be a  shared family experience with wonderful memories of a lifetime! So, if you take the initiative and plan a trip you would be surprised at how many family members might be keen!

#3 Thailand

Do you have family members all over the world? A vacation in Thailand is the perfect solution for families spread across several continents, especially if part of your extended family is in Europe, Asia and Australia or New Zealand. Thailand is a central place with lots of choices when it comes to accommodation, with something to suit all budgets.  There are lots of beach resorts and many Thai resorts have fabulous pools as well as babysitting facilities. The country has a mix of history and culture and it’s great for shopping! A visit to the Lopburi Monkey Temple is a fun day trip from Bangkok, where you’ll be able to see and interact with lots of monkeys.  The kids (and big kids) will share an experience you’ll be talking about around the dinner table for years!

#4 Florida, USA

Of all the places in the USA, Florida is a great choice for the young and young at heart.  There’s an endless list of attractions in Florida for kids of all ages,  from museums to manatees.  Orlando is also the amusement park capital of the USA and a great choice for vacation your kids will love.  But spend time in Miami too, as not only are there lots to do for kids, including fun museums and safari adventures and zoos, there’s also a lot of things to do in Miami for adults too such as beaches, markets and cool spots after dark.

#5 Grand Canyon, USA

Visiting the majestic Grand Canyon with your kids is a fantastic adventure for the whole family.  You’ll get the chance to see an amazing natural wonder as well as experience the desert’s ethereal beauty and mystery.  Things to do with older kids include multi-day hiking adventures and rafting. Make sure you leave yourselves plenty of time. It takes about four hours to hike down and about six to eight to hike back up.  Other attractions are watching a Native American dance at the Hopi House, hiking Havasu Falls, seeing the landscape from a helicopter tour and the famous Sky Walk.

#6 Croatia

In recent times, Croatia has emerged as a vacation hot spot that is kind on the budget. It’s a beautiful country with many places that are suitable for a family holiday, such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb. From island vacations to national parks. Wander through cobblestone towns, explore fortresses and gather around the dining table at night and talk about all the things you’ve enjoyed as a family. Here’s what to do in Croatia in 10 days.

#7 Italy

rome for kids

With wonderful food and rich history Italy is a fun country to visit with the extended family.  Start in Rome, where exploring the Colosseum and Roman Forum will appeal to the history buffs in the family. For a hands-on bonding family experience, try a pizza making class in Pisa or a cooking class in Florence or a gelato tasting tour in  .just about any city in Italy! Another fun activity is to join a Gladiator class in Rome, where you learn to fight like an ancient Roman warrior. How many of your family would sign up for that class?

#8 Namibia

If you’re a family that loves camping, put Namibia on  your list! Namibia is rich in wildlife and nature. It’s a beautiful country to explore, with surprises around every corner.  Camping in Namibia’s National Parks offers plenty of fun moments for the whole family. Imagine singing and telling stories around a campfire after a wonderful day out spotting wildlife.  From 4WD adventures on the sand dunes to flying kites on the beach or a hot air balloon flight over the landscape, Namibia is a surprise package when it comes to holidaying with the family.  Namibia has plenty of National Parks to choose from and if you get tired of camping, there are lodges that are perfect for families travelling with kids. Here’s a great guide with everything you need to know about camping in Namibia with kids.

#9 Jordan

You might be surprised to learn that Jordan is a fun destination for adventurous families. Jordan has good roads and the tourist sites such as Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea are easy to access. One way to do it is to hire a car (and a local driver), that way you can relax and enjoy watching the scenery roll by.  Riding camels in the desert, exploring ancient castles and floating in the Dead Sea are great family bonding experiences. And the kids will love exploring Petra (the Treasury in Petra was featured in Raiders of the Lost Ark).


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