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10 things to do in Miami for kids

You’ve been to New York and LA with your kids and you’re looking for another cool city for your next family vacation, right? Miami is a great place for sun-loving families.  It’s a familiar setting for movies and TV series. Miami makes you think of beaches and the bright sun, however, you’d be surprised that aside from the beaches, it has a lot more to offer! If you find yourself in Miami, here are 10 fun things to do in Miami for kids.

Miami is a destination that is perfect for families. With a fantastic array of kid-friendly attractions such as amusement parks, museums and outdoor activities, Miami rocks when it comes to visiting with the little ones. There are some amazing family friendly accommodation options too. Are you ready to plan a family vacation to Miami? Read my post for my top things to do in Miami.


#1 Miami Seaquarium

As the oldest oceanarium in the USA, the Miami Seaquarium houses a whole lot of sea creatures, like fishes, sharks, marine mammals, sea turtles, and pretty much almost every sea creature.
It’s a sight to behold for the whole family, especially kids that would be pretty ecstatic seeing the sea creatures up close in the glass.

The ocean park also has some daily presentations that are watched by a lot of spectators daily. It’s where the sea creatures such as dolphins do tricks and put up a show, to everyone’s amazement. For more dolphin encounters follow this Miami to Key West driving itinerary, which takes you to the Marathon Dolphin Research Center.

Miami Seaquarium is the perfect place to start learning about Florida and if you’re interested to find out more, here are some interesting facts about Florida.

#2 Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a zoo with lots of birds, a private beach, a bunch of other animals and some animal shows. They have the world’s most rare cats, and some animal kingdom wonders, like the twin orangutans, and the world’s most lethal birds.  Visitors have a chance interact with the animals around the forest.

The zoo also has activities like the Petting Barn where you get a chance to get close to some animals. They also got these other events and exhibits of the animals that the visitors are not quite expecting.

You will be surprised!

If you’re super keen on seeing birds in the wild, another popular vacation spot for families is Sanibel Island, where the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge and Bird Sanctuary is the place to see amazing bird life.

#3 Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

With a Mediterranean Style with Baroque architectural style and a beautiful landscape, Vizcaya Museum and gardens is a place to see at Miami. It’s entirely worth a visit with its impressive structure and details not to mention the landscape around the mansion. One can’t help but take a picture perhaps, to admire its beauty with the memories and the view after the visit.

#4 Miami Zoo

It’s the only tropical zoo in the USA and the most significant zoo in Florida (and if you’re planning on seeing more of Florida here are some fun things to do in Florida with your kids). The zoo’s got a lot of animal exhibits. And a whole lot of animals to take a look at to. Any visitor will be amazed at the variety of animals there, and the interaction between the animals. Your kids will love it!. Miami Zoo has four main sections, dividing the animals into different natural environments.

#5 Miami’s beaches

Miami is well-known for its beautiful beaches that come with fun beach activities. Swim, enjoy the heat and feel of the sun against your skin. A day at the beach is fun for all the family and there are plenty to fantastic beaches in Miami to choose from.

#6 Boating in Miami

Being a seaside city, Miami is a wonderful place to go baoting, yacht ing or on a catamaran adventure. It’s also a great idea to sail at night. Miami at night by the sea is a sight to see.

#7 Neptune Memorial Reef

If anyone in your family is a diver, don’t miss the change to dive the “Wreckreational DIve Capital of the World”. Miami is home to famous diving spot, like the Emerald Reef and the Half Moon; he Neptune Memorial Reef will remind you of Atlantis.

#8 Miami Nightlife

Being a party city, Miami is famous for its vibrant nightlife.. Hire a babysitter and have a night out to yourselves!. Go on….you deserve it.

#9 Lincoln Road Mall

Lincoln Road Mall has a bunch of cafes, clubs and boutiques. Stop for a coffee, or shop (or window shop) at some of the most famous stores.

#10 Miami Sunrise and Sunset

A sun’s show either of the two is always amazing from the beach. Those memories of the sunrise or sunset in Miami will stay with you and your kids forever.

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