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    Why Scrapbooking Is Great For Families

    Scrapbooking has existed for ages, but it experienced a surge in popularity. Families from all walks of life have found the joys of producing albums to showcase keepsakes and their pictures. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your family and to bond with your kids. Scrapbooking – how to get started Getting started can be intimidating with myriad and all the scrapbooking techniques embellishments accessible. The simple truth is, anyone that may use scissors and adhesive can scrapbook. You do not have to spend ridiculous amounts of cash to create attractive pages. With a few basic supplies and a little creative thinking, you may create lovely scrapbooks which will be…

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    Best Family Movies

    With internet nowadays, you rarely see kids watching TV. Their TV is YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. If they’re watching Netflix, I guess that’s a good sign. Kids rarely watch anything longer than 3 minutes now. In our time, back when cable TV was still a thing, we learned culture through movies. Movies are great teachers of experience. While not all movies are recommended, there are a lot of good ones that teach us so many things. Since you are the parent, you are in control. Don’t let your kids’ minds be formed by only one type of media. Let them appreciate other forms of media. Here are some movies you…