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Best Family Movies

With internet nowadays, you rarely see kids watching TV. Their TV is YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. If they’re watching Netflix, I guess that’s a good sign. Kids rarely watch anything longer than 3 minutes now. In our time, back when cable TV was still a thing, we learned culture through movies. Movies are great teachers of experience. While not all movies are recommended, there are a lot of good ones that teach us so many things.

Since you are the parent, you are in control. Don’t let your kids’ minds be formed by only one type of media. Let them appreciate other forms of media. Here are some movies you can watch together as a family (if you haven’t by now):


Home Alone Series

This is a classic and it will teach kids a lot of things like “Don’t talk to strangers”. It will make them understand why we parents do what we do and why they should listen to us. It’s also very entertaining. You can watch this movie over and over again as the movie never fails to entertain!


If you don’t have a pet dog yet, you have to be prepared to get one if you choose to let your kids watch this. They will want a dog after watching. They will beg you for one. It will also make everyone cry.

Monsters Inc.

This Pixar movie teaches everyone, even us adults, a lot of things. It’s an overall great movie, and your child might feel less scared of monsters when they start to see them as fluffy and nice.

The Incredibles

Well, this Disney movie is about a family for the family. It’s a great costume concept for Halloween too! Of course, before you dress up as The Incredibles, everyone must know the movie first, right?


Disney makes movies for the family, but Mulan is so much more than that. It’s a 1998 film that will surely teach your little girls how to be empowered. Stop making your kids fantasize being damsels in distress!

Harry Potter Series

They will love Harry Potter and they will learn so much from it. It’s also essential that they know their classics.

Enjoy movie time with the family and don’t forget the popcorn!

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