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5 Warning Signs that Your Child is Being Bullied in School

160,000 children skip school days due to bullying. Regardless of school, may it be public or private, bullying is very prevalent and any child could be a victim. There’s only so much we can do as parents, however, a responsible parent would try to do everything possible to ensure your child’s safety.

Here are some warning signs that your child may be a victim of bullying:


1- Unexplainable Injuries

If your child has injuries, bruises, or wounds— ask your child to explain what happened. If your child’s story doesn’t seem to add up, then it’s a red flag. You should encourage honesty at home, and if your child won’t budge, it is best to investigate what really happened.

2- Lost or Destroyed Belongings

Take notice of your child’s belongings. Whenever some of his things are lost or destroyed, always inquire. Do not pressure your child whenever he can’t explain to you what happened. Be gentle so that your child will find you accommodating enough. He has to know that you can understand.

3- Sick or Feeling Sick or Faking Sickness

If your child is generally healthy and is suddenly sick most of the time, take your child to the hospital. The doctor’s diagnosis should be able to give you an idea if the sickness is possibly related to bullying. If your child is simply feeling sick, or worse, faking sickness, do not confront your child right away. Ask your child if there’s anything wrong, make him open up. Investigate why your child seems to avoid going to school.

4- Low Grades

Low grades could be because of a number of things. One of which is bullying. Bullying could affect your child’s concentration and learning.

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5- Change in Behavior

Observe if there is a change in your child’s behavior. It could be a change in sleeping or eating habits. Something must have happened that cause this change.

Children usually won’t open up about bullying for various reasons such as helplessness, shame, guilt, and so much more. It is important to be supportive should you discover that your child is being bullied in school. Ensure him that you understand and that you won’t make matters worse.

Make him understand the situation and remind him that he is not alone and that it will stop with the proper precautions. Ensure him that the solution won’t make matters worse or won’t bring him shame. Bullying is a serious matter that would definitely affect your child. It is best to have your child privately see a psychologist.

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