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Best Family Apps

Managing a family and making sure that everyone stays organized can be quite a challenge. It’s a good thing that now, we have so many means to make our lives easier. Here are some simple but powerful applications you can look into:


Best family apps to get organized


Choremonster is an application that will motivate everyone, even your children, to help our with the chores. The tasks are recreated into fun activities where your kids can turn it into a game. You earn points and fun monster rewards as each time you complete a chore!

Available for both iOS and Android systems. 

Grocery IQ

This application will come in handy for the person doing the grocery. You can create a shopping list to make sure you don’t forget to buy anything and you can use search for the products to find out more about it. It also comes with a voice search and barcode scanner.

Available for both iOS and Android systems. 

Packing Pro

If you’re planning on going on a trip, Packing Pro is a great app to help you get organized. It has a bunch of planning tools, packing lists and reminders. It’s especially great for families because you can sort your lists by family member. Packing Pro has been around for awhile but there are lots of other travel apps to download for your next vacation.


Making sure that everyone in the family is healthy is of utmost importance. This application will help you take care of everyone in the family. There is a journal where you can note the symptoms suffered by a sick member among other things. There’s contacts and calendar feature. The best feature of this application is a medicine database so you can find out more information about pharmaceutical products. It also comes with a scanner.

Available for both iOS and Android systems. 

Babysitting Pro

You and your spouse will definitely need this app. You can set a date night, call a baby sitter and manage your baby sitter through this application. It is like a  journal where you can be notified about a lot of things. It will help you monitor your child and track important things such as medication schedules, feeding, bedtime, and payments.

Available for both iOS and Android systems. 


Everyone is presumed to have a Facebook account. In case you still don’t, it’s time that you do. It comes with a messenger. You can create a group chat for the family. It allows you to message, call, video call, conference and share files. You can also send location via this application. It’s quite fun to have a Facebook account. You can do so much with it. It’s accessible through an application and if in case of emergency, you can easily log in via browser. The best part about it is that IT IS FREE AND WILL REMAIN SO!

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