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12 Best Places to Visit in the Philippines with Kids

The Philippines is a very diverse country. You can find every kind of adventure you are looking for here. If you are going to the Philippines with the family, fret not, because you will never run out of places to go and things to do. With more than 7000 islands, palm trees and beaches, the Philippines is a paradise for families. Here are 10 best places to visit in the Philippines for families. 

12 Places To Visit in The Philippines With Kids

1- Baguio

Also known as the “City of Pines” and the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. It’s the coldest city in this tropical country. Most of the accommodation doesn’t even have air conditioners. There are many museums and parks here like the Botanical Garden and the Burnham Park.

Your kids will enjoy horseback riding or riding in horse-driven carriages called “kalesa”. You can also go kayaking. There are many mountain resorts if you want some water activities.

Camp John Hay is a common place where families stay during the holiday season. 

Baguio managed to preserve the culture of the Igorots and they are everywhere.

There are also so many souvenirs you can bring home. 

Don’t forget to visit the strawberry farms to buy strawberry jam at a really cheap price!

2- Boracay

Boracay is known for its white sands, water sports, and lively nightlife.

While you might not be that interested in pub crawls since you will be going out with your family, there are so many things you can do with the kids during the day. 

Boracay has been catering to tourists for a long time now.  They have all sorts of fun activities – anything you can think of! Look it up and I’m sure it will get you excited about visiting Boracay! Here are some activities in Boracay you must try.

3- Laguna

Just near the capital, Metro Manila, Laguna has many tourist destinations for the family.

At the top of the list would be Enchanted Kingdom. It is Philippines’ version of Disneyland. They have the best rides in the country and it’s also a magical place that kids would surely love. There are also many waterfalls, springs and resorts in Laguna the entire family would truly enjoy.

4- Guimaras

Guimaras is an island that’s not yet that commercialized so you get to appreciate the natural seascapes and landscapes. The waters are very pristine the air is so fresh. It’s the perfect getaway from urban life. Eat the sweetest mangoes, indulge in the freshest seafood and take a dive in the waters of Guimaras Island.

Make your children appreciate nature as it is! Actually, it doesn’t matter where you go, eating in the Philippines is fun as the melding of Spanish and Asian tastes has, over the centuries, resulted in a cornucopia of delicious dishes.

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 5- Palawan

Palawan is now gaining popularity all over the world. The waters are clear and pristine. It’s so tempting that even your most stubborn kid would want to join in the fun! There are many beaches and falls, there are also beautiful caves.  Puerto Princesa Underground River on the west coast is an enchanting destination for families to explore.

El Nido is a cluster of 45 idyllic islands in the northern part of Palawan and one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. For families who love the great outdoors, this is a fantastic destination with lots to do such as sailing, snorkeling, diving and island hopping. With stunning limestone cliffs and sparkling aquamarine waters, you’ll need a few weeks to tick these El Nido attractions off your list.

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6- Subic

Subic is a very beautiful place with lots of beaches, forests, and wildlife. There are so many things you can do like visiting the Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp! You can also teach your kids how to ride a horse at the El Kabayo Stables.

If your kids like animals, they will surely enjoy a visit in Zoobic Safari. The prices are very friendly for children because kids get discounts! Of course, you can go for a swim with the family in any of the many beaches in Subic!

7– Bohol

You can visit Bohol anytime of the year. Bohol is famous for its Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers, but there are many other things to see in Bohol and so much more you can do! You can do some island hopping, visiting wildlife, going on a cruise, seeing century-old cathedrals, and so much more! Here are some Bohol tourist spots to put on your list. 

If you’re visiting Bohol, one place you will love visiting is Siquijor Island. This island is accessible by ferry from Bohol and is a place in the Philippines that is off the beaten track. The small island is a scenic and unspoiled island getaway where you can chill out and let your stress melt away or explore the island to discover its many charms. Are you intrigued? Here are some fantastic things to do in Siquijor Island.

8- Iloilo

This is the Philippines’ City of Love. It’s a modern city with great urban planning. There are nearby beaches and resorts and there are even mountains you can hike with your family. You can also go to Garin Farm and Damires Hills. Try zip line, the view is amazing.

You can also go island hopping in Islas de Gigantes and enjoy taking photos of the sandbar. Iloilo is a boat ride away from Guimaras and a bus ride away from Boracay.You can also take the Milagroa ferry from Iloilo to Palawan.

The seafood is really good here! You can buy oysters everywhere. Make sure your kids won’t get indigestion. Eat slow!

9- Davao

There are so many fun activities you can do in Davao like Skycycling! Yes! Riding a flying bicycle!

There’s also so much wildlife in this city of Mindanao, a region of predominantly Muslim citizens. It’s one of the safest and most progressive cities in the country so you can rest assured that you are safe to visit with your children!

After all, it’s the hometown of the current President of the Philippines where he was mayor for 22 years.

10- Ilocos

If you want to travel back in time, go to Ilocos with your family.

The architecture and feel of Calle Crisologo in Vigan are very vintage and rustic.

The place is also known for the Pagudpud falls and many beach parks!

11- Sibuyan

A nirvana for adventure seekers, Sibuyan has spectacular jungles to explore and if you’re looking for beach time  head to Cresta de Gallo island, which is a two-hour boat ride away.

The  Guiting-Guiting mountain and surrounding jungle is a tropical paradise with waterfalls, amazing plant life and wildlife to boot.

The best thing about Sibuyan? Well, it’s off the beaten track and you’;; see few tourists here so be prepared to have this amazing Philippines paradise mostly to yourself.

12- Camiguin

Camiguin in the Visayas is far less crowded than El Nido or even Siargao as it’s  one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines, with lots off off-the-beaten-track attractions your kids will remember for the rest of their lives, such as snorkeling around Mantigue Island and White Island.

There’s also the Hibok Hibok Arden Hotspring, where you can escape to relax in healing waters after trekking through the jungle.

The best time to visit Camiguin is between October and December, during the season when a unique fruit called lanzones is widely available in the rgion.


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