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14 Awesome Things To Do In Bali For Kids

If you’re looking for a tropical island vacation with the family, there are lots of things to do in Bali for kids. The island in Indonesia has a balance of coastal and inland attractions, with stunning beaches, lovely rice terraces and an amazing culture. There are also lots of fun attractions in Bali for kids that are built for entertainment.

Another great reason to pick Bali is that organizing a family vacation here is easy. There’s lots of family-friendly accommodation to suit a range of budgets and the local people just love kids, so when it comes to finding a babysitter you won’t have any trouble.

Balinese food is delicious and your kids will love trying all the different kinds of foods but if you have a brood of picky eaters, there are restaurants that serve western-style food everywhere.

Bali is a fantastic place to visit in Asia for kids. Here are the top things to do in Bali for kids.


14 Awesome Things to do in Bali for Kids

bali for kids
Going to the beach is one of the fun things to do in Bali for kids.

You’d be surprised at how much there is to see and do in Bali. When visiting with kids, I’d suggest spending at least 10 days in Bali as this will give you the chance to settle in, relax and explore off the beaten track too. As Bali is fairly compact, you can visit most places on this list in half a day but certain parts of Bali can get quite busy so read these Bali travel tips to help you plan your trip. 

#1 Have a splashing time at Waterbom Bali

Waterbom is a fantastic water park in Bali and is a hit with most kids. According to Trip Advisor, it’s the top water park in Asia and one of the best in the world!

Yes, you can expect water slides and they are awesome. The Constrictor is the longest water slide on earth then there’s the Superbowl, Python and Climax water slide which will take you on a thrilling ride at 70kph. So if you’re looking for some fun, put Waterbom on your Bali itinerary.

#2 Get a Day Pass To Finns Recreation Club

If you’re visiting Bali with kids, a fun thing to do in Canggu is to spend the day in Finns Recreation Club. Finns is an excellent club with sports facilities and lots of entertainment for kids. The little ones will love bouncing around on a trampoline at the Bounce Bali Trampoline Centre or getting wet in the Splash Water Park.

There’s bowling, tennis, a spa centre and a club for kids. Finns is open to the public all year round and you can buy a day pass to have some fun. Dads will love hanging out at the club’s sports bar too.

Address: Jalan Pantai Berawa, Tibubeneng, Canggu, Badung, Bali.

#3 Learn to surf

Bali is an awesome place to learn how to surf and there are classes for kids too. There are plenty of beginner’s classes and you’ll find free introduction classes at some beaches. If you’re a keen surfer, you already know how good Bali is for surfer. If you have never surfed before, Bali is a fantastic place to learn. 

If surfing or learning to surf is high on your to-do list, take a tip and choose hotel near the beach. This Bali travel guide for first-timers has some great suggestions on where to stay for surfing and other water activities.

#4 Ride a motorbike

One of the fun ways to get around Bali is to ride around on a motorbike or scooter, as it will allow you to travel like the locals do. Traffic in some parts of Bali, like Ubud and Kuta, can get rather congested and a motorbike is a great way to ensure you’re not stuck in traffic for hours. It’s also a cheap way to get around if you’re on a budget. Renting a motorbike is great if you’re on a budget and they start from US$2 a day for a Honda Varios and up to $25 a day for a more powerful machine. Take a look at this video to see what it’s like to ride a motorbike in Bali.

#5 Do a yoga class

Yoga and kids? What better way to introduce your kids to yoga than in this amazing place. While there are lots of experiences to attract people to the center of Ubud, head to the hills for a touch of magic. They are dotted with health retreats, relaxing spas and yoga classes. There are several family-friendly yoga retreats dotted around the island.

#6 See monkeys at Sacred Monkey Forest

Things to do in Bali for kids – seeing monkeys.

One of the fun things to do in Bali for kids is to get up close to monkeys. You can do this at lots of places in Bali, especially at Sacred Monkey Forest.

Make sure you hang on to your shiny things as the cheeky monkeys love taking off with your belongings. 

#7 Visit the animals at Bali Zoo

A day at Bali Zoo is a good way to keep the kids happy. You can have breakfast with the orangutans or explore the zoo after dark.

The zoo also offers a new Elephant Mud Fun package where you can get close to Sumatran elephants and learn about them from their mahout.

There are a number of ways to explore Bali Zoo, including a walking safari, driving safari, night safari and a BBQ dinner with a fire dance.

#8 Join a cooking class

Cooking classes are available everywhere in Bali and are great for kids. It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit, a cooking class should be right at the top of your Bali itinerary.

Your kids will learn how to appreciate Indonesian food like gado gado, nasi goreng, satay chicken, mi goreng and other delicious dishes.

Vegetarians will love lumpia (spring rolls) and perkedel jagung (corn fritters). 

#9 Spend the day at the beach

One of the things to do in Bali that draws families back, again and again, are its beaches. There are so many excellent beaches in Bali you’ll be spoilt for choice.

For families with young kids, try Sanur beach for fun in the sand and Balangan Beach for some of the best surfing in Bali. Once you’re comfortable with riding around on a motorbike or scooter, you’ll be able to visit several beaches yourself.

Bookmark this post for tips on how to rent a scooter in Bali.

#10 Take A Trip To Nusa Pernida

If you’re looking for somewhere quieter and a bit more undiscovered, Nusa Pernida is a 45-minute boat trip from the main island. There’s a lot to do here and plenty of beaches where you can surf and swim minus the crowds. Although you could visit as a day trip, once you’re there you will definitely want to stay longer (three days is perfect!).

Here’s an excellent Nusa Pernida itinerary to help you plan your visit. 

#11 Visit Bali Bird Park

Most kids will love the chance to feed the flocks of birds in Bali Bird Park. With lovely landscaped gardens, the park has about 1000 birds and 250 species of birds from Indonesia, South Africa and South America.

The lush tropical jungle feel is a great place for kids to play and there are special areas for Komodo dragons and baby bird hatchlings. So, make sure to plan your visit around the daily activities and bird feeding programs. 

#12 Visit Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu temple - what to do in bali for kids
Visiting Uluwatu temple is one of the things to do in Bali for kids.

When in Bali, you should take the kids to visit at least one temple and the best one for families is Uluwatu Temple.

This is the place to take a family sunset photo and to introduce the kids to Balinese culture. The amazing  Balinese temple was built in honor of the sea gods and is high on a hill. Join a tour to catch a graceful Kecak Fire Dance.

There are enough attractions around the temple to do a day trip to Uluwatu and the surrounding area.

#13 Go on safari at Bali Safari Marine Park

One of the things you should know about Bali is that there are plenty of wildlife parks to visit. One such park is the Bali Safari Marine Park. 

From riding elephants to learning about Balinese culture and having fun on amusement rides, there is a lot to do at Bali Safari Marine Park for kids of all ages.

#14- Pretend to be Tarzan at Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Your teenagers will love the jungle book setting of Bali Treetop Adventure Park, where they can climb and expend some energy on the obstacle circuits.

There are various levels of circuits with exciting adventures on zip lines, suspension bridges, and rope swings.

It’s a fun experience that your older kids will love.

#15- Fly over a volcano in a helicopter

Flying over Mount Batur in a helicopter is an experience the kids will talk about for the rest of their lives.

Not only will you get a bird’s eye view of the wonderful scenery of lakes, rice terraces, and forests, looking into the volcano’s crater is a bucket list experience.

Seeing the rivers of black lava is better than anything your kids will learn in geography class.

Mt Batur last erupted in 2000.

Looking for more? Here are a few more off-the-beaten-track destinations to help you discover the best of Bali.

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