apple cider vinegar

Organic Hair Care With Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is perfect to use as dressing on salads and an ingredient to create pickles. It is also a fabulous all-purpose beauty merchandise if you’re on a budget.

And it is damn cheap. Harsh shampoos and soaps strip the skin and hair of its natural oils. The acid levels of apple cider vinegar will balance your epidermis and hair’s natural pH levels.

Make sure you try this fantastic remedy. Go for an organic brand of apple cider vinegar to get your skin and hair looking great. There are plenty of other benefits too.

Apple cider vinegar eliminates clumpy residue and product buildup. Additionally, it functions as a hair detangler. When frequently used as your organic hair care,, apple cider vinegar can moisturize your hair, leaving it smooth and soft. The vinegar works by sealing the cuticle of the hair, making light reflect from it. To put it differently, it makes your hair shiny!

Apple cider vinegar for hair care

To renew your hair and make it smooth, combine apple cider vinegar and warm water. After shampooing, pour the mix on your hair. If you have a spray bottle, that works much better.

This way you can moisturize your hair and then massage it into your scalp. Allow the apple cider vinegar mixture to sit for a couple minutes before rinsing. It’s not necessary to use conditioner! The apple cider vinegar may make hair feeling soft and smooth.

Apple cider vinegar skin care

If your pH levels are in equilibrium, your skin will stay at the optimum level, balanced between dry and greasy. Apple cider vinegar may also help lessen red blemishes and marks, and soften skin. For allover softness, add a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.


Apple cider vinegar is a fantastic toner that will moisturize, refresh and moisturize skin.

This means you do not have to buy expensive facial care products. It’s simple to make. Use this recipe:

1 part apple cider vinegar mixed with two parts water produces a refreshing toner which leaves skin luminous.

When gently coated or dabbed on the surface, the acidity of the vinegar will make a light layer on skin, locking in moisture. It functions best when used only after cleaning.

Do not worry, the vinegar odor will dissipate after a couple of minutes. If you’ve got sensitive skin, then you might choose to dilute the solution further.

You could even infuse your own apple cider vinegar hair rinse or facial toner with new herbs for additional nutrients and a nice scent.

Simply chop a few of your favorite herbs. After that, bring water to a boil and then put in your herbs.

Strain the mixture through a net metering. Once your extract stinks, use it to substitute the water at among the above recipes.

Another benefit of apple cider vinegar is that when combined with healthy eating it is known for weight loss.

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