How To Encourage Healthy Eating

Children are capable of understanding. If you impose rules without explaining the reason why your kids will try to find out on their own. If you explain to them why they should eat healthily and you make them understand, they will follow what you say because it makes sense. Here’s how to encourage healthy eating. 

Firstly, avoid using images of a perfect body and subscribing to the fact that they have to look good and that being thin is sexy and being fat is ugly. Instead, educate them how eating gives you the nutrients they need so they can think better and get good grades, give them the energy they need to play with their friends, and boost their immune system, so they don’t get sick.

Illustrate to them what it means to be healthy. If you focus more on the standards of society at a physical level, your children might develop eating disorders like Anorexia or Bulimia. You don’t want your child to be concerned about his or her body image. You want them to be healthy!

Do not have food restrictions or labels

If you restrict certain foods or label some as “good” or “bad”, your child might develop odd behavior towards food that could lead to eating disorders or psychological problems. You don’t  want your child to regret eating or feel guilty about eating cake.

Instead, explain how good food is enjoyable, but, there are better food choices than others because of their nutritional value.

For example, tell your child it’s not necessarily bad to eat cake. You won’t get fat or get sick after one slice.

Sugar is good and we need that in our body, but too much of it could be wrong because if we have too much sugar, we might suffer from diabetes and other illnesses.

It’s not good to have cake every day, once in a while is okay. You can eat just the right amount of everything and if you overate. Explain how the body will process food and how it’s about striking a balance.

Always have healthy food available

Of course, your kids will eat what’s inside the fridge. Make sure you have healthy options available.

Teach your kids to cook

Teaching your children how to cook and prepare their food will make them appreciate every ingredient you put in. If they start to enjoy cooking and develop a habit of preparing their own food, they won’t be dependent on fast food, junks, or canned food. They will want to cook their own meal instead.

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