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10 Fun Things to do in Los Angeles for Kids

The City of Angels. is known throughout the world as the home of the movie stars. With a huge number of celebrities officially residing in Los Angeles, who knows who you might bump into at the supermarket! LA also has a lot of other things going for it: a Mediterranean climate, great surfing, and fantastic beaches. It’s global city that invests heavily in business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, education, medicine and research.  If you’re planning a family vacation in  LA, there are lots of fun things to do in Los Angeles for kids.



10 Things To Do In Los Angeles With Kids

#1 Visit Hollywood

Nothing can beat celebrity statuses and the glamorous lifestyles of artists, actresses and movie producers and directors than walking through the streets of Hollywood. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend in LA, strolling along the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see the immortalized gold lettering of famous actors and film-makers is a fun thing to tick off your California bucket list.

Visit Hollywood to satisfy your craving to see how big budget movies are made. Drop by Universal Studios that gives you tons of activities due to the many amusement parks, theaters, restaurants, and shops for you to enjoy. Visiting this classic Hollywood theme park is fun for the whole family. Universal Studios is very popular and usually crowded so go early and organize your time to make sure you get a turn on the best rides. These Universal Studios tips and tricks might help you plan your trip.

#2 Explore Venice Beach

Another thing that always comes to mind when saying LA is the wide open beaches and one of the best surfing capitals in the American mainland. Going for a walk or a swim are some of the fun things to do at Venice Beach.

For those surfing fanatics, you can rent or bring your surfboard and master the waves hitting the California coasts. But for those that want to enjoy a romantic setting, you can take a boat ride along the canals that connect inland and have a memorable boat ride that is worthy of comparison to those in Venice, Italy.

#3 Rodeo Drive

Dress like a celebrity, or go window shopping, walk along Rodeo Drive and see the full array of high-end clothing designed by very famous designers. Feel and walk like a celebrity, for a day.

#4 Disneyland

For families,  Disneyland is the top spot to experience the magical worlds and fantasies, together with their favorite cartoon characters. This legendary theme park offers some of the best amusement rides in the world. See your cartoon characters come to life and live in a dream-like environment that you have always been dreaming of. Bring your families and friends and enjoy a magical day at Disneyland. Disneyland is huge and with so many things to do it pays to get organized. Here are some excellent Disneyland tips to help you get the most out of your visit.

#5 Party at Avalon

Leave the kids with the babysitter and head out for some cool nightlife and partying in the city of angels. Clubs and bars are open every night with different music and styles that attracts locals and foreigners alike but if you want to go partying in a bar that is famous throughout Europe, with its techno-renaissance music, and classy drinks go to Avalon.  Meet different people and experience a different kind of partying.

#6 Walt Disney Concert Hall

To those music enthusiasts that enjoy classical music, operas and other musical concerts then go to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the crème de la crème of the Los Angeles Music Center.  This famous auditorium holds a large variety of programs concerts throughout the year and is home to many internationally acclaimed artists. Its interior design is, very surprisingly, not cartoon like as one would expect of a Disney-owned building, and the audience can enjoy good acoustics and with an open platform stage to see the performance fully.

#7 Griffith Observatory

To those space exploration and sci-fi fans, visit the Griffith Observatory and enjoy an extensive array and wide variety of space and science-related displays.

Although you don’t have to be a space enthusiast to enjoy that famous tourist attraction, Griffith Observatory is situated on a mountain slope that commands a breath-taking view the Los Angeles Basin and downtown LA, to the glamorous Hollywood south, and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest.

Enjoy a wide variety of activities that range from pony rides, miniature train rides, tennis, golf, picnicking, exploring the Los Angeles Zoo, hiking, and camping.

Griffith Observatory has all kinds of activities for people of different ages, and tourists enjoy its educational tours and romantic city views.

#8 Little Tokyo

If you want to experience Japanese culture and lifestyle, you can take a detour at Little Tokyo.  Visit the Geffen Contemporary at Moca where they feature fantastic video presentations and installations.

Also, take the time to visit the Japanese American National Museum that shows how Japanese immigrants reached America and how their lives settled in American society.

Also, enjoy the different varieties of Japanese food from all the neighboring restaurants found on the streets.

#9 Hike Runyon Canyon

Take a break and enjoy a hiking trip in Runyon Canyon. This is a very famous hiking trail that locals and celebrities alike want to go out and enjoy the serenity of life outdoors.

There’s not a lot of shade for you to take cover, so be sure to wear your sunscreen. You’ll see the large Hollywood landmark at a much closer range!

#10 Santa Monica Pier

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Pacific Ocean, the natural sunny weather, palm trees swaying back and forth, and life at the beach in general.

Take a ride at the Ferris wheel and capture a view of Los Angeles with its magnificent mountains, blended with the towering skylines of the city, and the view of the Pacific Ocean.

From the pier, you can talk a long stroll along the beaches and enjoy food and drinks from the different beach side bars and restaurants.

How to visit California

Los Angeles is a fantastic city to visit in California but if you’re planning a longer trip, there’s so much more to see and do across California. From camping in Yosemite or Sequoia National Parks to surfing in San Diego and wine tasting in Sonoma, you could spend a month and still not see everything you need to see in California. The good news is it’s entirely possible to travel around California on a tight budget (yes, even when traveling with kids!). Here are some great tips on backpacking around California that will help you keep a tight budget. Looking for more? Check out this post.

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