10 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids is different from traveling with a group of adults. Kids can be quite a handful and they are very dependent on you. You will have to look out for them the entire time and if you don’t do it right, it might ruin the entire trip. Just imagine the horror of looking for your kids in a foreign country. To avoid mishaps, take note of these 10 tips:

1- Look into your airline’s policy on children

Airlines may have different policies to assist you if in case you are traveling with children. If you are traveling with a baby, some airlines provide strollers for free while some will charge you for a small fee. If you want a child over two years of age to occupy his own seat, he may be charged a full adult fare, or you may be pleasantly surprised that children’s fares cost less than that of an adult’s ticket. Usually, it is the latter. Make the necessary arrangements!

2- Book the right accommodation

Book early. Do not go looking for a hotel when you get there. You might not even get the room you want. It’s best to book a family suite online. There are many affordable family suites as long as you book early.

3- Check in early

Always check in at the airport early. Many things could happen if the family is running late. You may have watched the classic movie Home Alone…It’s best to avoid such a situation.

4- Bring medication and first aid kit

Medication is essential, especially if your kids are taking something on a regular basis. It’s best to be prepared when abroad. We hope that you will have a smooth and hassle-free trip, but accidents happen. It’s best to be ready for anything all the time.

5- Bring your child’s necessities

If your child is a baby, bring diapers, feeding bottles, etc. Your child may have specific needs. Make sure you do not forget.

6- Keep your child entertained

If you have an iPad with you, bring it. While you may want your child to enjoy the trip instead of playing games on the iPad, kids get bored quickly and you cannot expect them to have the same level of appreciation as adults. Bring something to entertain them.

7- Plan how you will divide responsibilities

If you are traveling with your partner, make sure that you both talk about who does this and that before the trip. It’s not fair to take care of the kids alone on the trip, you also need to have a great time. You are not there to be a nanny for your own family. Share and delegate responsibilities. Set rules for your kids and make sure they follow it. It’s best to teach your kids discipline and proper conduct, especially abroad.

8- Make sure they still sleep at bedtime

Your kids might get too excited during the trip and skip sleep. Do not allow this. Make sure that their Circadian rhythm is in place and make them sleep on time. That way, they will have the energy to enjoy the daily activities in your itinerary.

9- Plan toilet stops ahead of time

Kids will want to pee during the times you least expect. They will whine, groan, and throw a tantrum if they don’t get to do their thing on the toilet. To avoid this, plan ahead. Know the toilet stops.

10- Bring snacks with you

There’s nothing worse than restless, hungry kids. Always bring snacks with you. It’s even better if they are healthy snacks. Do not let them binge on it. Make sure you take control and give them the snacks only when the need arises!

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