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13 Best Destinations for Families

Are you looking for a great place to travel with the family this year? There are a world of wonderful places waiting for you to explore. From things to do in Los Angeles to Paris to Singapore, here are the best destinations to choose for a family trip.

From the best family holiday destinations in Europe to wonderful places to visit in Queensland and fun things to do in KL for kids, pack your bags and take the family for a vacation.


#1 Japan

things to do for kids

Japan is modern, safe, clean, and unique. If your kids are into games, cartoons and anime, like most kids are, they will definitely love to visit Japan! It could very well be most kids’ dream destination. In Japan, you can do a variety of things with the family.  Tokyo is a great place to start your vacation and a real eye-opener.  Spend a few days in Tokyo with the kids. It’s fun to walk around the city and eat authentic Japanese food, visit museums and temples, try on kimonos, and learn traditional crafts as a family. Here’s how to explore Tokyo in 3 days.

Go hiking, kayaking and biking. Visit in winter for amazing skiing and snowboarding. There are so many places to visit in Japan in winter. 

A visit to Japan can also be an educational trip for the whole family. Learning about Japanese history and culture while visiting Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage sites is a holiday that will provide a wealth of knowledge for young minds. Your itinerary could include well-known cities like Tokyo and Kyoto as well as lesser-known destinations in Japan like Koyasan, which is the place where Shingon Buddhism was born.

The only downside is that you really have to prepare for it financially. It’s more expensive than many other counties in Asia but it’s worth it!

#2 Germany

germany with kids

Not only is Germany rich in history, it’s also an easy country to travel around if you’re visiting with the family. Kids of all ages will enjoy exploring Germany’s castles and cobblestone towns. Learning about the reclusive King Ludwig II and how he built Neuschwanstein Castle in the 19th century is stimulating for young minds. Bavaria is a fairytale destination most kids will fall in love with and Munich is an amazing city. To help with your planning, here are the 20 best day trips from Munich.

Germany is also a dog-friendly country to travel around, Pack the kids and the dog in the car and go on a road trip the entire family will remember for years to come. You could easily extend your family holiday and venture into other European countries by road (yes, the family dog is welcome in many places in Europe!). Here’s a great guide on how to travel Europe with a dog.

The pick of cities in Germany is Berlin, which is a hotspot. Berlin is a city that is one the move and there are so many things to do in Berlin for families. Here’s a great guide of places to stay in Berlin that is worth bookmarking.

#3 Australia

melbourne for kids

Australia is a beautiful country with so much to offer.  Australian cities offer plenty of activities for families. Whether you spend time in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth or Melbourne, you’ll be sure to fill your days with lots of fun.  To get you started try these places to visit in Queensland for families or if you’re planning a city vacation, here are some things to do in Melbourne with kids

You can rent a car and drive the coast with your family.  It won’t be just like any other trip because of Australia’s coast, the landscapes and seascapes are definitely breathtaking. You can spend the entire day at the beach and never get tired of it. You can go to the parks and zoos. Read this guide to an  East Coast Australia road trip

#4 Belgium

Belgium’s charming towns and picturesque cities are straight from a fairytale. The land of chocolate is sure to be a hit with the kids. Belgium may be one of the smaller European countries but there are plenty of fabulous destinations the family will love.  Bruges is a great spot to learn about history while walking through the streets while Ghent is a university town with a historic castle.  Here’s a good post on which  Belgium city to visit Ghent or Bruges.

#5 France

paris for kids

Visiting Paris is magical for all the family. The City of Lights is rich in culture and architecture. The food is amazing and there are so many iconic sights, the entire family will have a fabulous time. Paris is the place to introduce your kids to art and a visit to the Louvre is a wonderful experience for both children and adults.  With lots of museums, cool street art and many fun family activities, you really can’t go wrong choosing Paris as your next family vacation.

#6 Chile

For a holiday a little off the beaten track, Chile offers breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities your kids will love. Chile’s capital Santiago is a colourful city that’s fun to explore.   First-time visitors to South America, especially, will find Santiago an easy place to get around and it’s relatively safe. There are outdoor activities, parks, museums and historic walks the whole family can participate in.  The city has wonderful restaurants, cafes and bars. There are lots of good reasons why you should visit Santiago for one week, at least.

Beyond the capital,  outdoorsy families will have no trouble finding a stunning place in Chile to explore, from the majestic Torres del Paine National Park to exploring the Japan-inspired labyrinth and hidden forest of  Termas Geometricas. The latter is an enchanting forest walk to a lovely waterfall.

#7 Singapore

singapore for kids

Singapore is a small country, but it is very advanced and modern. You won’t have to worry about figuring out how to fit in with a foreign culture. The signs are in English and the subway is really efficient, safe and easy to use. 

Sentosa Island is the place to go for family friendly activities and attractions, such as Adventure Cove,  SEA Aquarium, Resorts World and Universal Studios.  Here are some of the fun things to do in Universal Studios with the family.

Another good reason to go to Singapore is the cultural diversity of the nation.  Visiting Singapore is a great way to expose your kids to a multicultural society.

#8 Canada

There are several reasons why Canada is a top pick for a vacation with the family.  Even though it’s large and geographically spread out, Canada is an easy country to travel around (options include driving around Canada, catching the train and flying).

From the east coast to the west coast, places to visit in Canada with the family include ski resorts such as Whistler and Sun Peaks, Vancouver Island for those who love beaches and forests, and the Canadian Rockies is stunning to see. Make sure you do the Johnston Canyon hike. The kids are sure to love it!

Canadian cities are smaller than cities in the USA and they are much easier to get around. Toronto is Canada’s biggest city with plenty of fun attractions. The top place for kids in Toronto would have to be CN Tower and Niagara Falls, which is not far from Toronto, has plenty of attractions for active families.  Another city that has some great family activities is Vancouver (check out the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain).

#9 USA

The USA is a big country, every state has so much to offer. You’ll need to be organized when visiting the USA.  For atmosphere, visit  during summer breaks, semester breaks, or Christmas holiday. Take your time and explore the USA as  there are so many top family destinations here.

The kids will love Disneyland in Los Angeles and Disneyworld in Florida.  If you’re going to Los Angeles,  plan to spend a week or so checking out the wonderful family friendly things to do. Another fun place the family with love in LA is Universal Studios, which has so many rides and attractions that are guaranteed to be a hit with the kids.  Exploring Universal Studios is something kids of all ages will remember for the rest of their lives.  And if you’re up for more family fun in LA, here are  20 attractions in Los Angeles to put on your family bucket list.

Besides amusement parks, national parks are everywhere in the USA and there are plenty of landmarks and museums .  There’s so much diversity and  choice for a family vacation.  If it’s your first time visiting east coast USA, then New York is a fabulous and fun destination for all the family.  The kids will love exploring many of the places they’ve seen in the movies, such as the Empire State Building and Central Park. Here is an excellent four-day itinerary for your New York visit.

#10 New Zealand

New Zealand is a magical place. There are many free museums and there are so many things you can do in the wild. If your family wants some adventure, go bungee jumping! There are plenty of amazing spots in NZ to go camping! If your kids love animals, make sure to watch the dolphin shows in Kaikoura.

One of the benefits of choosing New Zealand is it is a compact country and it doesn’t take that long to get around. You can cover a lot of ground on a 2 week road trip around New Zealand. Destinations are packed with a variety of options, making it a great place to plan a vacation that will fit in with the interests of various family members.

Active families who love the Great Outdoors will be particularly impressed, as New Zealand has world-famous hiking routes, such as the Routeburn  Track and the Milford Track, which the more active members of the family may want to tackle.

For a truly awesome experience and a challenge to share with your teenagers, try the Tongariro Crossing. The one-day trek delivers the stunning landscapes of New Zealand’s oldest national park and a World Heritage gem.

#11 Russia

russia for kids

For an educational holiday with the kids, a trip to Russia is like walking through a history novel. St Petersburg is a beautiful city with plenty of places to learn about Russian history, such as The Hermitage Museum, amazing churches and cobblestone squares. Here are the top things to see in St Petersburg.

#12 Italy

rome for kids

Italy is an iconic destination that most young people dream of visiting. Taking your kids to Italy when they are still young will certainly give them a taste of the travel bug. And wandering around the charming streets, learning a bit of Italian, soaking up the culture and tasting the food is a fun way to holiday with the family. After all, most kids love pizza! If it’s your first time in Italy as a family you can’t go past Rome. If you prefer exploring independently, here’s a great guide on how to spend 2 days in Rome.  Another way to explore Rome, especially if you a short on time, is to take a guided tour.  Check out this post for some great tours in Rome.

For an Italian island experience, head to beautiful Sicily. Sicily is the Mediterranean’s largest island and offers plenty of fun, amazing scenery and delicious food.  Your older kids will love learning about history (being there is so much more fun than reading history books!) and exploring the intriguing Valley of the Temples, which is one of Italy’s famous archaeological landmarks.

#13 Hong Kong

There are so many reasons why Hong Kong is a fabulous destination for family travel. Firstly, there are plenty of kid-friendly attractions, such as Disneyland Hong Kong and Ocean Park.  It’s easy to get around Hong Kong and the back streets are fun to explore.  After you’ve visited Hong Kong’s main attractions, spend some quality family time exploring Hong Kong’s hidden treasures. Here are some things to do off the beaten path in Hong Kong.

Take the ferry to Macau for a day or two as the kids will love the fun family attractions in Macau’s new resorts. Macau’s Portuguese heritage makes it a charming place to explore, while a raft of new resort attractions makes it perfect if you’re travelling with kids. If this sounds like  your kind of family holiday, check out this travel itinerary to Hong Kong and Macau.


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